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Web Design & SEO Marketing
MPCD is a professional web design and SEO web marketing firm specializing in SEO services and web design services
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iPhone, iPad & iPod Repairs
Repair and replacement service for the Apple iPod, iPhone, MacBook / MacBook Pro Glass / Screens, Mac Mini & iPad.
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Online Backup Service
Securely store your files away at off-site server locations, your data will stay intact and available even if there's a disaster.
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Services Our Company

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Computer Network Services

our IT consulting and support team can help you with all aspects of your network installation or deployment, from design and configuration to hardware recommendations. Whether it is a new network installation or new deployment in an existing network, we work with you to develop the most appropriate network architecture to meet your current and future needs so you don’t need to worry about your IT side and can focus on your hard core of business.
our network and IT consultants provide network assessments, audits, performance baselines, and full technical documentation for your current network infrastructure or new network setup. This can be done as standalone information or to assist in redesign, new implementations, maintenance, or future troubleshooting and administration.
our network consulting team can provide the type of support services that best fit your needs, from full network management to regularly scheduled maintenance, on-call network support and emergency troubleshooting.
our security and network consultants provide security assessments and vulnerability testing coupled with recommendations and remediation. We analyze all aspects of your network environment to safeguard your resources and network functionality.
MRT network consultants help you with the design and deployment of Internet and wide-area network (WAN) connectivity including secure remote access implementation and dedicated office connections across large geographical areas.

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Server setup and relocation

Are you looking to move out from your location? Do you need any help moving your IT info structure and want to make sure to complete this transition as smooth as possible? If you are planning to move from your recent location and wants to move your server relocate and reassembled with no downtime, here is your answer. At engineers will provide all the planning and resources required to relocate your server. MRT experts will review your migration approach, detailed plans, and logistics to ensure accuracy of this transition and will remain on-site to ensure that everything transitions properly. We also offer two packages basic and managed server relocation which in basic clients will take responsibility of the transition with one of our employee on-site to supervise the entire process and in managed we will do the complete server relocation, re-assembly, re-configuration with our comprehensive planning and migration strategy to ensure the complete transition before your sign off the documents. Call us at (213) 915 – 4217 for more details.

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Computer CONSULTING Services

  • Software & Hardware, maintenance, support, & troubleshooting
  • Computer consultation, training
  • Computer repair
  • Same day on-site service
  • Remote support & troubleshoot
  • Third party application support
  • Data Recovery in case of hard drive failure, format, human error, etc
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server setup & Services

  • New server setup & configuration
  • Exchange server setup & maintenance
  • Role Management and Configuration & Proper Access Policy Configuration of Local Servers
  • Software & Hardware update/upgrade
  • RAID Setup, Monitoring, and Management
  • Share & networking control
  • Load Monitoring and Management
  • Online and Onsite Backup Solutions
  • Data Transfer and Migration
  • Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Network and data security

My Remote Tech provides a wide range of IT consulting for their local clients in Los Angeles, CA area, Santa Monica, Westwood, Century City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Downtown Los Angeles in network and data security which includes every aspect of their IT and computer security in terms of managing and coordinating any anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam protection, provide protection for remote users working from outside of local area network, and finally full network security management . My Remote Tech certified will help your business implement a security package to ensure you are fully protected against any possible security threat by developing an IT security strategy with round-the-clock remote monitoring as well as emergency same day on-site service. At My Remote Tech, we will also assist residential users to ensure their computer safety against any virus and spyware. We will provide a full setup and configuration of necessary protection for their computer security. Here is what we offer to local Los Angeles, CA area small business and residential clients:

  • Removal of any virus, spyware, and malware from your system (Recovery process)
  • Setup and deploy a security package to ensure your computer data safety
  • Setup and configure firewall (different for business and residential users)
  • Provide on-demand Remote support as well as on-site service
    For Disaster data recovery process, please visit our services.
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IT Services

  • our computer support team can handle all aspects of your server and desktop deployments including consulting and installation and configuration of all hardware and applications.
  • MRT is a full-service IT consulting and services providing server, desktop, and application support for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms. Full management, persistent support, same day on-site support, and emergency remote troubleshooting are available to meet your needs.
  • MRT offers security and backup solutions in conjunction with other provided IT services. We provide security analysis and implementation for the server, desktop, and network as well as implement daily/weekly/monthly backup solution.




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